Filton Packaging offers a large range of tubular and flat netting widely used for packing products such as citrus fruit, onions, potatoes, vegetables, cured meats, Christmas trees and many more products.

This type of packaging, which can be clipped or welded makes the product inside visible as well as allowing it to breathe.

All netting grades come in a wide range of sizes and colours including metallic.

Netting accessories including stripband film, clip wire and wineglass labels are also available.


 Compostability is the process by which waste can be converted into organic fertilizer, either in industrial plants or in the home, which makes these materials very useful for reintegration into the natural environment, being totally organic.

Cellulose is a vegetable fiber, obtained from the bark of trees by non-polluting processes.
With cellulose fibers, compostable threads are obtained, which we proceed to knit with our
technology, and thus make the different types and models of compostable knitted nets, which
make up our range. The mesh manufacturing process is performed naturally, without altering or
modifying any of the compostability properties of cellulose.

The result of this process is a knitted net, resistant, soft and colorful, in a bio and
compostable material, which has the certifcates of Compostability, Home, Industrial and
Biodegradability Soil and Marine.



  • Easily welded or clipped
  • High strength and breathability
  • Large colour range including metallics
  • Economical
  • Excellent product protection


  • Citrus fruit
  • Cured meats
  • Garlic and onions
  • Potatoes
  • Christmas trees
  • Vegetables
  • Wine bottles
  • Fruit
  • Vertical trellis
  • Pallet netting
  • Promotions