Vegetable Sleeves

Elevate your product presentation and freshness preservation with our top-tier custom packaging solutions. Crafted from food-grade cast polypropylene, our sleeves are an essential choice for retailers seeking to extend the shelf life of premium Australian-grown produce while maintaining quality and visual appeal.

Tailored elegance for your products, our range encompasses plain or printed tapered sleeves and bags, meticulously tailored to your specifications. Whether you require a bottom seal or an open-ended design, we offer versatility to match your needs. Our bags boast side seals and can be provided in either loose form or conveniently wicketed.

Produce Packaging with a proven track record, we are renowned in producing high-quality Australian-made packaging for a variety of produce. Our expertise initially focused on herb and lettuce sleeves, and we have since expanded our repertoire to encompass an array of products including spring onions, silverbeets, spinach, kale, and a variety of Asian vegetables.

Discover the difference that quality, tailored packaging can make for your products. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and explore the options we offer.



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