Herb Sleeves

Premium Herb Sleeves Crafted with care, our herb sleeves are locally produced using food-grade cast polypropylene. They have become a staple for supermarkets and various retail establishments, serving as protective shields that prolong the freshness of herbs while exuding a visually appealing presentation that delights customers.

Whether it’s plain or custom-printed sleeves, we have the flexibility to tailor sleeves according to customer specifications. With the ability to accommodate smaller production runs and offer short lead times, we contribute to efficient cash flow management and rapid response to surges in demand. Our sleeves are offered both open-ended and bottom-sealed, complete with strategically placed drain holes.

In Stock for Your Convenience To cater to your immediate needs, we maintain an inventory of plain sleeves in the most sought-after sizes, readily available for delivery. Feel free to reach out to us for pricing details and further information.



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